Welcome to all who are spiritually weary and seek rest, to all who mourn and long for comfort, to all who struggle and desire victory, to all who sin and need a Savior, to all who are strangers and want fellowship, to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and to all who will come. This church opens wide her doors and offers welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Greece Mission Trip - March 2014

This group went out under Greater Europe Missions, who is partnering with 222 Ministries in Athens, Greece.  

222 Ministries exists in Athens to meet the needs of Iranians who need to leave their country for one reason or another.  This ministries is there to meet a humanitarian need while at the same time being able to share the gospel .

This team helped with construction, teaching, english, math, and food/clothing distribution.  Read highlights from this trip by going to www.greeceteam2014.blogspot.com.


Short-Term Mission Trips

Anyone seeking financial support from Mountain Lake Alliance for a short-term missions trip opportunity, please complete the "Short-Term Missions Trip Application" and submit it to the Church Office.

Past Mission Trips

Serbia Mission Trip - March 2013

This team worked at Camp Timok, which is a camp located in the eastern Balkan region. It is the desire of those who purchased the 18-acre site for this camp to be a year-round camp for youth and families. Some areas of work for this team will included block laying, roofing and plumbing for the new water closet wing, and some tiling for a kitchen area. If you want to see the highlights from this trip, please go to www.servingserbia.blogspot.com.


Youth With a Mission (YWAM)

Jenesa Stoesz is working with YWAM at Buffaloe, Minnesota.  Jenesa will be helping lead the Mission Adventures (MA), which coordinates short-term outreaches for groups that want to make a difference in the world.  Through MA, YWAM gives groups the opportunity to participate in a three-day training session before leaving on either an overseas mission trip or an inner-city street evangelism experience.  Pray for Jenesa as she helps lead in this MA ministry.


Peru Mission Trip - March 2011

If you want to see the highlights from this trip, please go to www.cmaingabon.blogspot.com.


Trip taken in July 2010


France Mission Trip with Greater Europe Missions - May 2010


Youth El Salvador Mission Trip - June 2009



Pastor Kevin Walzak - Working in Mali Africa